About TEFLabs We exist to create better research tools that empower better research results. Founded by Dr. Akwasi Minta, a pioneer of today's fluorescent indicators, TEFLabs is committed to providing scientists worldwide with high quality materials to support and advance their work. Our products are currently employed by scientists, universities and laboratories for research in: • Cell Biology • Biochemistry • Biomolecular Screening • High Throughput Screening • Microbiology • Neuroscience

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SBFI (AM) 20 x 50 �g

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SBFI (K+ Salt) 1 mg

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Fura-2 Mg (AM) 1 mg

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Fura-2 Mg (AM) 20 x 50 �g

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Furaptra (K+ Salt) 1 mg

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MagIndo (AM). 1 mg

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MagIndo (K+ Salt) 1 mg

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MagIndo (AM) 20 x 50 �g

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SPQ 100 mg

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MQAE 100 mg

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