ProteoChem is a biotechnological and chemical reagent manufacturing company that specializes in protein biochemistry and organic synthesis. ProteoChem manufactures analytical standards for NMR and mass spectrometry, protein crosslinkers, and novel proteomics reagents for protein detection and protein modification that are used in mass spectrometry, drug development, diagnostics, and protein biology.

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EDC-HCl 3 x 10 mg (EDAC-HCl)

price on loginc1100-3x10mg

EDC-HCl 100 mg (EDAC-HCl)

price on loginc1100-100mg

EDC-HCl 5 grams (EDAC-HCl)

price on loginc1100-5gm

EDC-HCl 25 grams (EDAC-HCl)

price on loginc1100-25gm

EDC-HCl 100 grams (EDAC-HCl)

price on loginc1100-100gm

NHS 25 grams

price on loginc1101-25gm

Sulfo-NHS 500 mg

price on loginc1102-500mg

Sulfo-NHS 1 gram

price on loginc1102-1gm

Sulfo-NHS 5 grams

price on loginc1102-5gm

CDI 5 grams

price on loginc1131-5gm

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