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We are committed to providing pure, high quality indicators to empower better research results in life science, neuroscience, and drug discovery. Our vision is to create new and innovative tools for scientists across all fields of cell research. Whether the research is under the lens of a microscope or a high throughput well plate, our goal is to provide cutting edge cellular probe chemistry that is pioneered, proven, and trusted. Pioneered With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, our scientists have contributed to advancements in the field and are dedicated to developing the next generation of enhanced ion indicators. Using in-house research and industry collaboration partners, we seek to provide chemical probe discovery tools that address: • Assay interference, • Bioassay promiscuity, • Compound aggregation, and • Nonspecific reactivity. Proven Our products are currently employed by scientists, universities, and laboratories for research in cell biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, biomolecular screening, high throughput screening, and microbiology. We clearly state product specifications and confirm them on a batch-to-batch basis to ensure consistent results. Trusted Our direct sales model allows us to build a strong relationship and support you in your research. We are committed to collaborating with our customers and partners to proactively identify solutions for today’s life science researcher.

We've got 40 products from Ion Indicators

Fluo-2 AM HA

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Fura-2 K+ Salt

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Fluo-4 AM

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Fura-2 Leak Res K+ Salt

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ION Potassium Green-4 AM

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ION Potassium Green-2 AM

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Fluo-2 AM HA

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